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Why Sufi?

You all must be aware of the current scenario in the steel sector. The idea of Steel Users Federation of India (SUFI) is making an attempt to raise a voice against the turmoil created due to levy of Safeguard duty, MIP, BIS Order by government.

Every stakeholder in the industry has to grapple with multiple challenges of reducing demand, fund crisis, policy bottlenecks, debtors default and sudden imposition of tariff and non-tariff barriers, exchange fluctuation and so on.

Amongst the recent developments, the Steel Quality Control Order – BIS and Safeguard Duty imposition on various steel products needed a comprehensive and united representation from segments across the nation for a meaningful dialogue and solution.

Unfortunately, fragmented regional associations representing fabricators, manufacturers, importers, stockiest, consumers etc. wielded very little or no influence on decision makers.

On the other hand, local manufacturers which are small in number but presented a united front were well heard and received the protection they desired.

With the specific objective to create a common platform to present a collective voice for the entire steel industry, we have registered:

SUFI – STEEL USERS FEDERATION OF INDIA, an idea whose time has come.


SUFI provides PAN India presence with a democratic, honest and focused approach to address the members / member association's problems and take them up suitably with relevant authorities with result oriented approach.

We invite all the individual Companies, fabricators, steel producers and or steel users to join SUFI to protect your interest and achieve a collective goal of a healthy and robust steel industry. As very well understood `Unity is Strength', SUFI provides you Strength of Unity & Strength of Intent.

SUFI has achieved remarkable success in a short span of time to bring various stake holders of steel industry on a common platform and is marching towards achieving its objective to achieve higher per capita consumption of steel and thereby promoting growth and excellence in steel industry.

SUFI provides its literature in digital and physical formats to its members as follows:

1.SUFI WhatsApp updates provides up to date news in steel industry.
2.SUFI conducts annual events for their members such as SUFI Steel Awards 2018, SUFI's AGM and informative events such as SUFI GST Helpdesk and E-Way Bill Seminars.
3.SUFI's daily International Price Update providing daily ups and downs of prices in International Market.
4.SUFI's monthly newsletters prepared by SUFI's Direct Tax and GST Empanelled Committee.
5.SUFI's GST Decoded for Steel books and its supplements such as "E-Way Bill Special" is circulated to about 10000 steel companies across India and has proved to be the ultimate reference point for Indian Steel Industry and Trade. The books has been appreciated across the board by the Industry and Government.

There are more events and publications we are planning to introduce in the near future for our members and for the betterment of steel industry.



  • Rs. 15,000/- (Individual, Proprietor, Partnership, Pvt. Ltd Company)
  • Rs. 25,000/- (Association, Federation)
  • Rs. 1,00,000/- (Public Institutions, Public Ltd. Company)
  • USD $1000/- (International Company)

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Only jpg,jpeg,png allowed && Max file size 2MB allowed